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Haldeman Mansion investigation, Bainbridge, PA: with M.A.P.I., Sep 2019. Approximately 10:30pm: Interesting, the colorful stationary "orbs" hovering near Liz and Cliff, southeast of Main House, despite no flash with only ambient lighting during long exposure. Numerous reports include communications with young prankster "Jacob" and sightings of shadow apparitions and "the little girl upstairs". Gauss meter response, quiet at around 0.1 Gs for most of the night in the Main House and on the grounds outside, agitated and skyrocketed up to 13 Gs during our singing of Civil War era songs inside the Summer House. Meter sat stationary on a wooden table. "It seemed as if someone was dancing or whirling about, unseen, right in front of us." (Playing of "rap" or other music proved spiritually repulsive.) Several teams attended in 3 groups: inside the Main House, inside the Summer House, outside on the grounds. Liz' copper rods were active as usual and responding promptly and clearly to questions posed; copper rods in a sanitized, sans-human apparatus did not respond to any prompting. LASER shadow mask, touch-light, stuffed-animal boobytrap, and other meters and apparatus went silent/unaffected. EVPs inconclusive. We welcome other investigators to add their findings, experiences, comments, links. Thank you MAPI; we had a superb time.